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An anthem is a musical composition of celebration, usually used as a symbol for a distinct group, particularly the national anthems of countries. Originally, and in music theory and religious contexts, it also refers more particularly to short sacred choral work (still frequently seen in Sacred Harp and other types of shape note singing) and still more particularly to a specific form of liturgical music. In this sense, its use began ca. 1550 in English-speaking churches; it uses English language words, in contrast to the originally Roman Catholic ‘motet’ which sets a Latin text.

Index: NYSE; Sector: Financial; Industry: Insurance (Accident & Health);

Marketcap: 65.34B; Volume: 296.37K; AvgVol 3m: 1.16M; Beta: 0.92;

Cost estimate:

P/E: 11.28; EPS: ; EPS growth quarter/prev quarter: 104.20%;

EPS growth this year: 31.10%; EPS growth past 5 years: 15.60%;

EPS ttm: 23.02;

P/S: 0.62; P/B: 02.08; P/Cashflow: 11.63; P/FCF: 7.73;

Sales: 113.04B; Sales growth quarter/prev quarter: 14.80%; Sales growth past 5 years: 7.10%;


Gross Margin: ; Profit Margin: 5.20%; Operating Margin: 7.60%;

ROA – return on assets: 7.30%; ROE – return on equity: 18.30%; LT Debt/Equity: 0.58; Total Debt/Equity: 0.62;

Dividend: 3.80; Dividend Yield (%): 1.41%;

Insider Ownership: 0.10%; Insider Transactions:-25.22%;

Institutional Ownership: 92.10%; Institutional Transactions: -0.28%;

Data update: 07/10/2020.

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