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Assurant, Inc.

Assurant, Inc. is a global provider of risk management products and services with headquarters in New York City. Its businesses provide a diverse set of specialty, niche-market insurance products in the property, casualty, extended device protection, and preneed insurance sectors. The company’s three operating segments are Global Housing, Global Lifestyle, and Global Preneed.The company, formerly known as Fortis, Inc., was spun off from Dutch and Belgian financial-services company Fortis Insurance N.V. in 2004. The company’s initial public offering on Feb. 5, 2004 at $1.76 billion was the fourth largest that year. In connection with the public offering, the company changed its name to Assurant, Inc.Assurant is 440 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest publicly traded companies in the United States.

Number of employees: 14200

Index: S&P 500; Marketcap: 6.04B; Income: ; Beta: 0.55

Dividend: 2.50%; Sales past 5 years: -0.60%; Sales qq: 4.90%

Types of investors:

Insiderown: 0.80%; Insidertrans: 0.00%; Institutionalown: ; Institutionaltrans: 0.00%


Grossmargin: ; Opermargin: 6.80%; Profitmargin: 3.50%

Ebitda (2015-2019): 69.02M 61.93M 55.31M 59.55M 62.31M

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