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Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories is an American multinational medical devices and health care company with headquarters in Abbott Park, Illinois, United States. The company was founded by Chicago physician Wallace Calvin Abbott in 1888 to formulate known drugs; today, it sells medical devices, diagnostics, branded generic medicines and nutritional products. It split off its research-based pharmaceuticals business into AbbVie in 2013.
Among its well-known products across the medical devices, diagnostics, and nutrition product divisions are Pedialyte, Similac, Ensure, Glucerna, ZonePerfect, FreeStyle Libre, i-STAT and MitraClip.

Number of employees: 107000

Index: S&P 500; Marketcap: 162.71B; Income: ; Beta: 0.96

Dividend: 1.56%; Sales past 5 years: 9.50%; Sales qq: 2.50%

Types of investors:

Insiderown: 0.70%; Insidertrans: -6.02%; Institutionalown: ; Institutionaltrans: -6.02%


Grossmargin: 58.50%; Opermargin: 14.00%; Profitmargin: 11.20%

Ebitda (2015-2019): 4.42B 4.6B 4.99B 7.12B 7.61B

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